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While it may seem as a common item, we take pride in choosing premium products for our catalog. The items in the category of paper for home or industrial use are can satisfy any needs and withstand any trial. Be it single or two-fold, colored or plain white, this is the place to be for paper products.

  • Darinne green V-folded towels

  • Table mats

  • Darinne paper table cover

  • Ettermi napkins 600 pieces

  • Darinne Intens double-fold napkins

  • Darinne Pastel napkins

  • Darinne double-fold white napkins

  • Dalia napkins 50 pieces

  • Dalia napkins 70 pieces

  • Belana Bouquet napkins

  • Darinne Intens single-fold napkins