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The intoxicating aromas reminiscent of the Levant are present in every single product of this category, which capture the very essence of Lebanese cuisine. We have prepared a selection of ingredients that can aid you in elevating your food’s taste such as: chickpeas or chickpea-paste, sesame, Lebanese eggplants, ful medammas, halva and spices that will bring the taste of Lebanon straight into your kitchen.

  • Daaboul 7 Peppers Spice Mix, 50g

  • Daaboul Chicken Shawarma Spice, 50g

  • Daaboul Ground Sumac, 50g

  • Daaboul Ground Cumin, 50g

  • Daaboul Special Mix, 50g

  • Daaboul Cous-Cous Spices, 50g

  • Daaboul Falafel Mix, 200g

  • Daaboul Zatar Extra, 500g

  • Daaboul Crispy Breading Mix, 500g

  • Daaboul Spicy Crispy Breading Mix, 500g

  • Darinne Harissa Dressing, 280g

  • Darinne Tarator Tahini Dressing, 280g