Canned vegetables & fruit

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If you could enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables all year-round, we’re sure you would. But what do you turn to when you’re searching for the same savory taste in a tin? Your search ends right here, where we have prepared a selection of canned vegetables and fruit to cater to your desires. Whether you’re craving a delicious compote or crunchy and tasty pickles, you will always find the same quality in our products.

  • Darinne pickled SHIITAKE mushrooms, 580ml

  • Darinne pickled OYSTERS mushrooms, 2650ml

  • Darinne pickled OYSTERS mushrooms, 580ml

  • Darinne pickled NAMEKO mushrooms, 580ml

  • Darinne pickled exotic mushroom mix, 580ml

  • Bella Rosa Passata tetrapack, 500g

  • Bella Rosa chopped tomatoes, 400g

  • Bella Rosa peeled whole tomatoes, 400g

  • Darinne seedless cherries compote, 720ml

  • Darinne capers, 250g

  • Darinne artichokes in oil, 314ml

  • Darinne chillis, 370ml