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Darinne Distribution’s online shop provides a large variety of products from our brand, but also those from our trustworthy suppliers such as: Abido Mills, Agri Business, Belovo, Comex, Colavita, Maatouk and Olive Line. These products are manufactured using the highest quality standards and the ingredients used in the process are always fresh and rigorously picked.


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  • Daaboul 7 Peppers Spice Mix, 50g

  • Daaboul Chicken Shawarma Spice, 50g

  • Daaboul Ground Sumac, 50g

  • Daaboul Ground Cumin, 50g

  • Daaboul Special Mix, 50g

  • Daaboul Cous-Cous Spices, 50g

  • Daaboul Falafel Mix, 200g

  • Daaboul Zatar Extra, 500g

  • Daaboul Crispy Breading Mix, 500g

  • Daaboul Spicy Crispy Breading Mix, 500g

  • Darinne Harissa Dressing, 280g

  • Darinne Tarator Tahini Dressing, 280g